You know what you like when you see it: the sophisticated blend of English and French decor in an Upper East Side townhouse; the quintessential manor house with just the right balance of grand and cozy; the rustic elegance of a stone cottage built before the war-- the War of 1812! MORE

Our "toolbox" consists of components which are based in the classical periods in which architecture and design were founded. We're happy to present an array of design solutions at the highest level of quality, always keeping in mind the objective of longevity-- of both condition and style. MORE

Until recently, the finest furnishings, fixtures, and fabrics were the provinces of only exclusive decorators or showrooms closed to the public. We are pleased to be able to present a curated selection of timeless traditional furnishings, fixtures, and fabrics from the world's best design houses. MORE

If you're looking to find high-end home products and furnishings
that are only available through interior designers and architects, contact us and we'll help you get what you want from our extensive network of exclusive sources and manufacturers.

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